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I am Antonius Mathemma, artist, writer and creator.

Antonius Mathemma. Art brand of the future. My art is cross against all the lines in connection with the universe.

Get inspired yourself by my work in a spectacle of colors, compositions and forms. Of course you can also simply enjoy my work because it fits well in many designs and interiors.

My work always starts with a drawing or painting by hand which I afterwards further digitally create and complete by computer. I finally print my unique Artworks on different types of materials such as (plexi) glass, aluminum, canvas, etc.

I am inspired by the energy around me and more important, by the experiences of my soul.

This way I hope to open up new visions and possibilities of existence, origin, and the future of mankind. Release those blinders and masks who deny the truth of being!

Nothing is what it seems. Nothing is what it was. Nothing will be what it will be. And there are many truths. It just depends on what distance it is compared or viewed from.

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